A rendering of the N91 facility where Cumberland Additive will build metal 3D printed and CNC machined parts on a production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport. (Photo courtesy Cumberland Additive)

The company said that it is leveraging recent growth in the aerospace and defense sectors

June 17, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas—Cumberland Additive, a parts manufacturer that combines additive manufacturing with engineering design services, reported that it is expanding its operations to the Neighborhood 91 (N91) Additive Manufacturing (AM) production campus at Pittsburgh International Airport.

The expansion, spurred by recent growth in the aerospace and defense sectors, is seen as an opportunity for Cumberland to grow its core competencies in metal 3D printing and CNC machining while benefiting customers with the turnkey value-added services offered by the Neighborhood 91 AM ecosystem, the company said in a release.

Cumberland Additive (http://cai-3d.com/capabilities/) offers series production of parts and engineering design services in metals and polymer materials, using powder bed fusion (PBF) technology. The company,  headquartered in Pflugerville, Texas, said that both locations will continue to serve major markets, such as the aerospace, defense, energy, and nuclear industries.

“Consolidating the supply chain for additive manufacturing at the innovative Neighborhood 91 production campus helps us mitigate risks, costs, and complexities for our customers,” said Cumberland Additive President John Jenkins, in the release. “We’re excited to be part of the neighborhood to work together to further ignite the industry.”

At its N91 location, Cumberland will offer end-to-end additive manufacturing and CNC machining capabilities in titanium, aluminum, nickel, and various polymers for its industry partners. The company will also make use of large format machines, including the EOS M 400-4, an SLM®500, and redundant capabilities, such as the Arcam EBM Q20plus for metals and an EOS INTEGRA P 450 for polymer materials, according to the release. Cumberland said that with the execution of the Neighborhood 91 lease agreement, it expects to be fully operational by the fourth quarter of 2021.

In anticipation of the move, Cumberland is developing a relationship with N91 anchor tenant Wabtec Corp. to support Wabtec’s CNC machining needs for complex AM parts. The relationship will enable Wabtec and Cumberland to leverage each other’s technical know-how and manufacturing capabilities to unlock the value of additive manufacturing for their respective non-competing markets.

“We are pleased to welcome Cumberland Additive to Neighborhood 91,” said Philip Moslener, vice president of advanced technologies at Wabtec, in the release. “Cumberland is an established additive manufacturing supplier, who brings a unique expertise and skillset. Their addition to Neighborhood 91 will build upon the collaborative spirit of this community and accelerate the development, adoption, and application of additive technology.”

With a physical location at N91, Cumberland plans to work with local universities and workforce development agencies to train workers to support the growing additive manufacturing industry. “Pittsburgh has always had a strong manufacturing culture, and Cumberland will be able to tap into this skilled workforce to quickly grow its production capacity,” said Cumberland Additive Chairperson, Dawne Hickton, a native of Pittsburgh, in the release.

John Barnes, founder of The Barnes Global Advisors and one of the original visionaries for Neighborhood 91, sees the addition of Cumberland as fulfilling the next step in the evolution of the campus.

“As a part manufacturer, Cumberland Additive joins Wabtec as an anchor tenant forming the foundation of the Neighborhood 91 supply chain strategy. These manufacturers will drive the need for the next tenants, who will provide powder, thermal treatment, testing, and analysis on campus,” Barnes said in the release.

“Cumberland’s announcement is another example of how the vision for Neighborhood 91 to be a global headquarters of additive manufacturing is becoming a reality,” said Pittsburgh International Airport CEO Christina Cassotis. “Cumberland is another manufacturing anchor tenant—choosing to expand in Pittsburgh at Neighborhood 91—which will help attract more companies.”

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