Lamár Tool & Die Casting Inc. (, a precision tool design and manufacturing company since 1982, remains family-owned with comprehensive die casting abilities and extensive in-house finishing processes. Lamár is ISO 9001-2018 quality certified while operating out of two nearby Californian facilities, Modesto and Stockton, that provide precision tool design and manufacturing, die-casting, CNC machining, high volume state of the art vacuum anaerobic impregnation and assembly line powder coating.

“Established in 1982 as a one-man shop, Lamár has grown into what it is today, providing outstanding quality parts and customer service around the globe,” Lamár’s website said. Lamár operates 20,000-square-foot manufacturing facilities.

Lamár services the automotive, medical, agricultural, lighting, surveillance, industrial and computer markets. In addition to the previously listed processes, Lamár also offers aluminum die-casting, zinc die casting, finishing, vibratory de-burring, ball burnishing, key-way broaching, painting, plating and anodizing.

“Lamár Tool & Die Inc., has seven fully automated die casting machines with clamping pressures ranging from 385 tons to 730 tons. Equipped with automated ladlers, sprayers and parts extractors, our die casting machines assure ultimate die casting consistency,” the site said. “With an extensive history of producing brass die castings in a variety of shapes, sizes and alloys, we create a brass die casting to meet your specific needs. Our valuable experience and commitment to quality ensures our customers they will receive a quality product at a competitive price.”

Lamár builds its precision die cast molds using 3D modeling design software and mold flow simulation software to achieve high tool performance before any steel has been cut. The website said, “The experienced mold designers at Lamár Tool & Die Casting Inc. work closely with our clients from concept to cast part to assure the highest quality production tool is built.”

“To maintain consistent die temperature, Lamár Tool & Die Casting Inc., utilizes hot oil mold temperature systems,” the site said. “Our state of the art melt and holding furnaces, located at each machine, allow the ability to maintain a +/- 7 degree metal temperature range, resulting in superior casting quality.”

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