CEDARBURG, Wis.—ATACO Steel Products Corporation recently acquired a TRUMPF TruBend 5130 press brake that is reported to provide more accurate repeatability while also improving safety and turnaround times, the company said in a release.

The TruBend 5130 has automatic laser light curtains at the ends of the brake that adjust automatically, providing what is said to be a “huge boost” to operator safety. “Safety is number one around here,” said ATACO Senior Manufacturing Engineer and Maintenance Manager Brian Petrowsky, in the release.

The new press brake enables ATACO to perform different types of forming, such as roll forming for large-radius parts. For increased accuracy and consistency in production, the TruBend 5130 measures the angle of the part while bending, eliminating the need to stop and re-measure to make sure it’s within tolerance. Quicker production, leading to faster turnaround times, is made possible by higher working speeds and automatic tool changes, the company said.

According to ATACO, investing in a top-of-its-class press brake aligns with its commitment to technological advancement and efficiency, and results in better part costs for its customers. It follows the company’s acquisition of a TRUMPF 5030 12kW laser cutting machine earlier this year, and a 50-ton servo electric press brake in 2020.

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