A sample screenshot from Sciaky EBAM’s IRISS® adaptive control system. (Sciaky/PR Newswire image)

June 10, 2021

CHICAGO—Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) and prominent  supplier of industrial metal 3D printing systems and services, recently received a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from NASA. Sciaky is using the award to develop new machine-learning algorithms for its electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM) process to automatically identify and eliminate defects from titanium 3D-printed parts, the company said in a release.

The new machine-learning algorithms will use Sciaky’s patented Interlayer Real-time Imaging and Sensing System, also known as IRISS®, to monitor titanium deposition, identify anomalies, and fix them. These intuitive adaptive control features will help manufacturers deliver consistent results, from the first part to the last, according to Sciaky.

Sciaky’s EBAM systems are reported to produce parts ranging from 8 inches (203 mm) to 19 feet (5.79 meters) in length. The company said in the release that electron beam additive manufacturing is “the fastest solution in the metal additive manufacturing market, with gross deposition rates up to 25 lbs. (11.34 kg) of metal per hour.”

“Sciaky is proud to partner with NASA and enhance process control for titanium 3D printing,” said Scott Phillips, president and CEO of Sciaky, Inc., in the release. “This new capability will further solidify why EBAM is at the forefront of industrial additive manufacturing advancements.”

Sciaky (www.sciaky.com) also said in the release that its EBAM technology is “the only industrial metal 3D printing solution with approved applications for land, sea, air, and space.” The company’s EB welding systems and job shop services are reported to meet rigid military specifications to manufacture such items as airframes, landing gear, jet engines, guided missiles, and vehicle parts.

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