IRVINE, Calif.—The industrial blade manufacturer Baucor will integrate RapidCAD’s industrial blade design and customer management technology into its existing infrastructure, the company said in a release. Baucor is a manufacturer of standard and custom industrial blades, machine knives, and precision wear parts and tools made from tungsten carbide and steels.

RapidCAD’s advanced web-based 2D/3D design application, bundled with Baucor’s customer management application, will offer Baucor’s customers the ability to design blades rapidly and send for a quote within RapidCAD. Customers will be able to filter, sort, and select any blade among hundreds on RapidCAD, easily customize the design to their needs, and submit a request for quote (RFQ), according to the release.

Baucor’s product range is reported to include machine knives and industrial blades in custom and standard sizes for most industrial converting applications, as well as packaging, paper converting, food processing, and tire manufacturing. Its products are also used in rubber converting, poultry and meat processing, textile cutting, plastic cutting, and recycling, among other applications. Baucor also engineers custom precision wear tools for numerous industries, from aerospace and defense to automotive.

RapidCAD developed two applications that are focused on industrial blade manufacturers, as well as sheet metal cutting and sheet metal fabrication companies. It will begin offering its bladeCAD product to industrial blade and machine knife manufacturers, the company said in the release.

BAUCOR® blades include industrial blades and custom machine knives that are manufactured in various shapes, such as circular knives blades, flat knives blades, punch knives blades, and pointed knives blades. They have various tooth or bevel types, such as serrated blades, scalloped knives, perforating blades, guillotine knives, shear knives, circular slitter blades, and flat slitter knives, the company said in the release.

The company’s blades are used as packaging machine blades, paper cutting blades, and food processing blades. They are also used for rubber cutting, converting, and tire cutting, as well as for industrial razor blades, custom razor blades, punch blades, and plastic cutting blades.

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