A custom scanning end-effector on a cobot from Cobot Nation. (Cobot Nation/PR Web photo)

LAS VEGAS—Cobot Nation is adding new machine vision functionality to its fleet of collaborative robots (cobots) through its partnership with Cognex, a machine vision specialist, Cobot Nation said in a press release.

Cobot Nation is an industrial automation company that provides automation technology to various manufacturing-related industries. It is reported to be the only collaborative robot company that handles the entire automation process from start to finish. These services include identifying applications and creating custom workflows, as well as engineering, manufacturing, installation, and year-round full-service support.

According to Cobot Nation, its business model has made the company particularly valuable to enterprise-level clients, and to previously untapped industries that have been unable to automate on their own.

Cobot Nation said in the release that as a company that services a large number of industries, it needs to be able to provide a solution that can be tailored to a variety of different clients. Cognex, with its experience and products tailored to a range of different applications, is said to be “an ideal fit.” Its products are backed with software, processing libraries, and AI deep learning capabilities that can be applied to Cobot Nation’s automation systems, according to the release.

By having a dedicated machine vision company in partnership, Cobot Nation said that it can “offer industry-leading expertise to its customers while maintaining the versatility and customization to deliver on clients’ full range of needs.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Cognex, bringing their expert machine vision technology to our cobots and furthering the capabilities and functionality of our services,” said Gil Mayron, founder and CEO of Cobot Nation, in the release. “Cognex vision systems are of the highest quality and we are excited to offer them as an integral part of our fleet system. We have the arms and the best partner with the eyes.”

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