TROY, Mich.—Dallas Industries, a manufacturer of press feeding equipment and controls for the stamping industry, recently reported a nearly 24,000-square-foot expansion with its addition of another facility near its current location. The new facility is located at 222 Park Street, across the street from Dallas’s current headquarters in Troy, the company said in a release.

The expansion “essentially doubles the company’s current manufacturing space and will allow for greater flexibility of its fabricating and machining footprint,” according to the release. It is reported to include a substantial investment in new technologies and equipment, including high-volume lathes and grinding machines.

The new facility will also house Dallas’s engineering department and provide both a high-bay to handle large press feed lines and a low-bay for the paint booth, machining, and fabricating. Dallas Industries said in the release that the space will further enhance its capabilities as “a full service, quick response source, from design assist and validation, through manufacturing support for press feed lines.”

“This expansion is pivotal to boost our company’s capabilities, along with providing our customers with access to the best and latest technologies in press feed equipment,” said Willie Chacko, CEO of Dallas Industries, in the release. “It is also an expression of the recent growth of our company.”

Joe Gentilia, president  of Dallas Industries, said that Dallas’s processes are “changing at a rapid pace to keep up with market demands and global competition.”

“This expansion and subsequent investment in manufacturing technologies is necessary to meet these needs, both now and in the future, for our growing customer base,” he said in the release.

Dallas Industries’ full line of products includes conventional and compact coil feed lines, as well as servo feeds, air feeds,  heavy-duty straighteners, and coil handling equipment.

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