FOOTHILL RANCH, Calif.—A new software release from iBASEt offers out-of-the-box features that simplify how supplier quality can be managed, iBASEt said in a press release.

By supporting greater operational flexibility, Solumina iSeries i050 is said to support  manufacturers’ needs for “anywhere” operations. With its embedded microservices architecture, the iSeries can simplify how manufacturers can manage production and integrated quality processes associated with building and maintaining intricate, highly engineered products, according to iBASEt.

Solumina iSeries version i050 builds on the company’s existing i040 platform, expanding supplier quality management capabilities to address quality issues faster across the supply chain. New web-based technician and supervisor dashboards provide better sign-on experiences and reporting features. A new supplier quality portal offers enhanced, secure, and segregated visibility of key performance factors, the company said.

“Our continued investment in iSeries reflects the company’s commitment to delivering a comprehensive, web-based user experience for every iBASEt customer,” said Sung Kim, chief technology officer for iBASEt, in the release. “iSeries is unmatched by the competition in the field of complex, discrete manufacturing operations. Its microservices architecture makes it easy to add new features without disrupting production. This critical capability helps our customers to accelerate their digital transformation and Industry 4.0 programs.”

The cloud-native Solumina iSeries is said to deliver compelling benefits beyond easing how new features and updates are added. The iSeries offers resource-constrained manufacturers and suppliers an affordable approach to accelerate their digital transformation strategy, including the adoption and use of new transformative technologies. It can be deployed “as a cloud-hosted, managed SaaS solution,” the company said in the release.

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