SAN JOSE, Calif.—Verifyle is partnering with the Precision Machined Products Association (PMPA) to provide “ultra-secure document sharing, storage, and messaging” for all PMPA members, according to a release from PMPA and Verifyle.

Verifyle is the developer of a patented encryption technology that is said to provide ultra-secure messaging, document sharing, and digital signatures from a simple, single-screen interface. The PMPA is an international trade association representing the interests of the precision machined products industry.

“PMPA members rely more and more heavily on digital communications. In many cases, they are sharing information that is proprietary or confidential in nature,” said PMPA Executive Director Cate Smith, in the release.  “We needed to provide a way for our members to be able to communicate securely to protect everyone’s interests. Verifyle is the perfect choice for PMPA members because of its proprietary encryption technology and extremely simple user-interface.”

Unlike many other cloud-storage and cloud-sharing services, which use a single master key for encrypting and decrypting their users’ data, Verifyle’s Cellucrypt® technology uses password-derived keys on top of a public-key system to individually encrypt data objects. This adds several layers of protection for their users. Verifyle also offers the option to disable password reset. According to Verifyle, these features make it “the most secure cloud-sharing platform available, while remaining extremely simple to use.”

“Verifyle meets the needs of any organization that’s looking for a more secure way to share sensitive or confidential information,” said Verifyle CEO Jack Smith, in the release. “More and more industries are moving away from email and other non-secure forms of communication to encrypted communications platforms like Verifyle, This new partnership allows PMPA members to share documents and messages with confidence, knowing that only authorized users will be able to access the information. We are extremely proud that PMPA chose Verifyle as a way of helping their members communicate more securely.”

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