The press manufacturer SIMPAC is collaborating with Elm Park Labs to offer end-to-end extended reality opportunities for the metal forming industry. The three phases of the collaboration include buy-off and installation, training and support, and part identification. (PRNewswire photo)

TROY, Mich.—As D2P went to press, a new extended reality (XR) tool and technology for electric vehicle (EV) production were scheduled to be among the highlights of SIMPAC America’s exhibit at the FABTECH show in Chicago. The company planned to include, at its booth, a demonstration area for the XR tool developed in collaboration with Elm Park Labs, a Michigan-based, women-owned computer software company.

SIMPAC America is the North American subsidiary of South Korea-based SIMPAC, Inc., a prominent manufacturer of metal forming technology. SIMPAC America serves customers in multiple branches of the metal forming industry, from automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers to home appliances, electronics, military, and aerospace. Its products include mechanical, servo, and hydraulic presses, along with tandem lines and automation technology.

The company planned to allow visitors to its booth to get a first-hand look at the XR tool to see how the immersive experience works. In addition to seeing and touching the XR technology, this includes testing XR’s three-dimensional user interaction and viewing all internal components of the demo CX-200 press via the technology’s exploded view feature. SIMPAC America also planned to demonstrate its new gap-frame CX Series, along with other mechanical and servo equipment, that SIMPAC offers for EV, automotive, appliance, and other general stamped parts.

“It’s no longer about the industry just simply hearing about SIMPAC’s technical advancements,” said Stephan Robertson, general manager and vice president of sales and operations at SIMPAC America, in a company release prior to the show. “The industry will now get physical proof to our claims of being an innovator within this ever-evolving IIOT realm.”

Robertson was scheduled to speak at FABTECH’s conference session, “Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry with XR Technology.” His topic: how extended reality should be considered when trying to hire millennial and Generation Z workers. “These generations make up 46-48 percent of the U.S. workforce and find stamping jobs undesirable compared against job opportunities at large tech companies like Google or Facebook,” Robertson said in the release. “SIMPAC America will provide proactive solutions to this current industry-wide issue.”

In May, SIMPAC America announced its partnership with Elm Park Labs to create an XR tool that could enable better business practices and operations within the metal forming industry. The collaboration between the two companies involves three phases that will cover end-to-end extended reality opportunities for the industry. These phases range from buy-off and installation to training and support, to part identification.

“This is a big year for us at SIMPAC America,” said Yonghwan Kim, president of SIMPAC North America, in the release. “We’ve established strong relationships with old and new customers alike. Our growing team and new website launch proves to the market that SIMPAC America can fulfill its promises: We are providing immediate access to critical spare parts and services, and we are creating a solid digital presence with interconnective offerings.”

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