Putnam Plastics’ expanded, 57,000-square-foot facility will be used as clean manufacturing space and will include new extrusion lines, as well as braiding and coiling machines to manufacture reinforced catheter shafts. (Putnam Plastics photo)

DAYVILLE, Conn.—Putnam Plastics Corporation recently completed an expansion of its headquarters that provides additional space to support the growing needs of its partners within the medical device industry, the company said in a press release.

Putnam Plastics, a manufacturer of advanced extrusions and assemblies for minimally invasive medical devices, will use its expanded 57,000-square-foot facility in Dayville as clean manufacturing space, increasing production capacity for existing and new medical device customers. The space was designed specifically with Putnam’s medical device partners in mind, offering additional clean manufacturing space to expand their product lines, according to the release.

Several new extrusion lines, along with braiding and coiling machines to manufacture reinforced catheter shafts, will be housed in the space. Putnam Plastics provides thermoplastic extrusions, thermoset polyimide tubing, and secondary operations for the respiratory, neurological, and cardiovascular markets, and for minimally invasive surgical instruments. These secondary operations are reported to range from printing to tipping.

Putnam said in the release that the expansion allows it to do more than add machinery and employees for additional production. It also enables Putnam to keep its tooling room and engineering team under one roof, providing customers with quicker overall lead times and speed to market.

Although Putnam expects to hire more than 100 employees to fill positions made possible by the expansion, the company will be able to avoid unnecessary duplications in personnel that are common when creating new divisions in different locations. By adding onto its existing facility, Putnam can minimize logistical issues and increase overall efficiency, the company said in the release.

“We are excited to complete our new addition,” said Jim Dandeneau, CEO of Putnam Plastics, in the release. “This space will allow us to increase our capabilities in manufacturing, as well as product development. We are committed to meeting our customers’ need to quickly develop complex components for life saving devices.”

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