Braskem’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene. (PRNewswire photo)

PHILADELPHIA—Braskem, a producer of polyolefins and biopolymers, said in a release that  its carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene (CF-PP) filament (FL900PP-CF) for 3D printing and additive manufacturing is now available in the Ultimaker Marketplace. The company’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene filament is reported to be strong, lightweight, and exceptionally rigid—attributes that suit it especially well for automotive, aerospace, nautical, and sporting goods applications.

Andrea Gasperini, partner and ecosystem development manager at Ultimaker, called Braskem’s carbon fiber reinforced PP filament “a unique and a genuinely valuable addition” to Ultimaker’s material partner program.

“The addition of Braskem’s carbon fiber reinforced PP filament print profile in the Ultimaker Marketplace brings an engineering grade composite (100 percent recycled carbon fiber is used) with a truly compelling slate of product attributes that is also very easy to print,” said  Gasperini, in the release. “By having Braskem’s FL900PP-CF on our marketplace platform, we unlock applications such as functional prototypes, tooling, and end-use parts that require heightened dimensional stability under operating conditions, while maintaining the inherent chemical resistance, low density, toughness, and watertight ability of PP.”

Braskem’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene (CF-PP) filament for 3D printing is reported to offer high stiffness and six times the strength of traditional PP filaments. The lightweight, low-density material is optimized for high-resolution printing and provides excellent chemical and water resistance, as well as low shrinkage and warpage, the company said.

“We are excited to have Braskem’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene filament featured in the Ultimaker Marketplace,” said Jason Vagnozzi, commercial director of additive manufacturing at Braskem, in the release. “This is a testament to the innovation, exceptional product attributes, and high quality of our polypropylene for additive manufacturing. Regardless if you are a start-up, university, equipment manufacturer, converter, compounder, or brand owner, Braskem’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene filament is breaking new ground in terms of pushing the boundaries of 3D printing design and engineering possibilities.”Braskem’s carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene filament spools are designed to be used for industrial and personal 3D printing applications. They are said to be suitable for rapid prototyping, custom product design, light-weighting, optimizing geometries, and designing spare parts. The carbon fiber-reinforced polypropylene filaments are available in 1.75mm and 2.85mm diameters to fit a wide range of 3D printer applications, the company said.

Braskem said in the release that it is committed to a carbon neutral circular economy. In 2018, the company committed to reusing, recycling, or recovering 100 percent of plastic packaging  by 2040. As part of its evolving sustainable development strategy, Braskem also announced additional commitments to mitigate climate change, eliminate plastic waste, and provide solutions for recycled products in its markets.

In line with Braskem’s commitments, Braskem’s FL900PP-CF is made from 100 percent  recycled carbon fiber supplied by Vartega and optimized for use with Braskem’s polypropylene. Every box of Braskem’s carbon fiber reinforced polypropylene filament sold will include information about how to recycle the used carbon fiber filament through this program, according to the release.

Braskem America ( is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Braskem S.A., headquartered in Philadelphia. The company has production in Texas, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, an Innovation and Technology Center in Pittsburgh, and operations in Boston that are focused on leveraging groundbreaking developments in biotechnology and advanced materials.

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