MINNEAPOLIS—Johnstech International, a manufacturer of semiconductor test contactors, recently expanded its manufacturing facility in response to increasing demand from overseas vendors seeking a secure supply chain amid the global chip shortage, the company said in a release.

Bob Chartrand, Johnstech International’s  senior vice president of global engineering, service, and sales, said that because Johnstech was established as an essential business early on, the company was able to address the growing need from customers worldwide.

“We went above and beyond government requirements surrounding COVID, which helped protect the health of our employees,” Chartrand said in the release. “So the business did not experience the quarantine shutdowns that were largely responsible for the industry-wide supply crunch.”

Those precautions included installing a state-of-the-art air cleaning system, upgrading the server to support a new remote workforce, and hiring an onsite nurse for temperature testing. As a result, Johnstech has been able to manufacture reliable, cutting-edge semiconductor test contactors with shorter lead times and greater throughput to get into the market faster, according to the company.

“Much of the customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Chartrand in the release. “We learned that many Asia-based suppliers had not been as well insulated from the global pandemic as the United States.”

According to a recent article published by Nikkei Asia, the wait time for everything from power management to substrate materials can be as long as ten times those of pre-COVID-19 timelines.

“Because our supply chain is local and has several avenues of protective capacity, our wait time from design to delivery has become shorter due to early investment in our facilities—and it’s paid off,” said Chartrand in the release. He noted that Johnstech recently expanded its field service and sales support globally to supply more customers locally. “Not only can we guarantee global support for our products through our service network, we can also manufacture test solutions more quickly than our competitors.”

Johnstech International devotes significant efforts to research and development in the field of microcircuit testing. Founded in 1991 by David Johnson, Johnstech works together with OSATs, foundries, and EDA companies to develop precise and dependable test contactors and test sockets. The company’s testing products are used in automotive, commercial, and industrial applications.

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