Haven is a multi-layered, deeply-integrated and overlapping security system that can be used by organizations of any size, the company says

MOORESVILLE, N.C.—Corvid Technologies LLC, a company that performs complex engineering design and manufacturing for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), recently launched a military-grade cybersecurity system as a service, available as a monthly, per-user subscription.

Corvid said in a release that it developed the Haven cyber defense service after having difficulty finding an external provider with an integrated security offering that included 24/7 threat monitoring and was based in the United States. Corvid developed Haven out of necessity to meet the rigorous cyber defense requirements for protecting sensitive U.S. military information, the company said.

“Currently, cyber criminals are targeting both small and large private businesses, municipalities, and non-profits with the same level of sophistication that the military faces,” said David Robinson, president and CEO of Corvid Technologies, in a statement. “And these organizations now require the same military-grade protection that the government and enterprise organizations have implemented.”

Corvid described the cyber defense service as a “defense-in-depth solution.” The service protects against threats using a multi-layered, deeply-integrated, and overlapping security system. It is used in conjunction with a U.S.-based, 24/7/365 security operations center (SOC) and four levels of the most qualified security analysts in the industry, the company said.

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