Seal Methods Inc., (SMI) a family-owned manufacturer in California since 1974 and now around the world, manufactures precision parts using custom die cutting, slitting, molding and extruding, CNC cutting and packing services, among others.

SMI’s key fabrication capabilities include rapid prototypes with laser, water-jet, and reciprocating knife cutting technologies. It offers multi-layer laminations with precision registered die cutting. It offers high speed rotary cutting, as well as molded and extruded components. It offers automated flatbed cutting and laser cutting. It can heat seal and vulcanize. It offers rewind slitting, roll slitting, custom assembly, packaging, and kitting. It offers foam in place.

“In our almost 50-year history, we have evolved with markets and are a leader in fabricated components for multiple industries. This includes OEM Automotive, High-Performance Aftermarket, Energy, Electrical Vehicle, Industrial, Medical, Transportation, Construction and much more,” the company’s website said.

SMI manufactures custom shapes for sealing, vibration, gasketing, cushioning, bonding, insulating, surface protection, venting, packaging, shielding, fire block, thermal management, EMI/RFI shielding, custom applications and NVH/BSR, among others.

SMI works with a wide range of materials, including foams, metal foils, films, fabrics, ceramics, cork, phenolics, solid elastomers, gasket materials, plastics, felts, adhesives, composites, and other specialty materials.

Seal Methods Inc., operates two facilities in California, and in Mexico and in China, the website said. It employs 285 employees worldwide, operates a A Class 100 Cleanroom, and more than 80 production machines. It offers process engineering experts.

SMI earned ISO/IATF 16949 certification, an automotive industry quality management system for producing high quality, zero-defect parts while preventing waste and variation. The International Automotive Task Force and the technical committee of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) prepared this standard to improve quality and assure continued improvement by manufacturers. SMI is also ISO 9001: 2015 certified. This certification includes a strong customer focus to ensure the company will understand the needs of existing and future clients. It will “align organizational objectives with customer needs and expectations,” the website said. It will meet customer requirements, it will measure customer satisfaction, it will manage customer relationships and it will aim to exceed customer expectations.

“Through process design and effects analysis, statistical control of variation, and team-oriented problem solving, we aggressively pursue improvements to our quality system and have brought our manufacturing systems to an unparalleled level of performance,” the website said.

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