The configurator provides on-demand access to CAD models for engineers who are designing products

November 11, 2021

CINCINNATI and BRYAN, Ohio—ARO Fluid Intelligence recently made available a new, interactive product configurator that engineers can use to reduce design time, the company said in a release. The 3D CAD configurator, built by CADENAS PARTsolutions, is reported to provide immediate turnaround for customized product models of ARO’s 17 valve families.

ARO, a manufacturer of fluid intelligence and fluid handling products, is known for its pneumatic diaphragm pumps and piston pumps for plant maintenance personnel and product development engineers. Its parent company, Ingersoll Rand, is a prominent manufacturer of  compressed air and gas systems and services.

The configurator services ARO’s primary valve lines. It is said to shorten the turnaround time for process engineers who are designing products and receiving CAD files by enabling them to design and order products on their own time, online. They can search for, design, and order the exact products they need and receive immediate downloads, according to ARO.

“Previously, customers would go through the distributor or our customer service department, and it was a two- to five-day turnaround to receive a product model,” said Harmony Johnson, global digital marketing manager at Ingersoll Rand, in the release. “The configurator provides on-demand access to CAD models, so instead of going through multiple departments, customers can get what they need and return to their work immediately. It makes finding the right product much more efficient.”

The new tool provides thousands of configurations for ARO’s 17 industrial valve families, which users can customize and preview online in 360 degrees. When ready, engineers can download models in 150 native formats, according to the release.

“This online tool enables our customers to instantly find, configure, and download the exact product they need,” Johnson said in the release. “It enables them to more accurately test the product within their design, ensuring it’s right for their application. When they’re finished, they can order the exact part number, confirming they have the right part the first time.”

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