Datanomix adds new continuous improvement hub to its next-generation automated production monitoring platform

November 16, 2021

NASHUA, N.H.—A new reporting workflow developed by Datanomix is designed to provide  business leaders and continuous improvement personnel with insights into overall factory performance, as well as “top opportunities for improvement.” The new workflow, called the Continuous Improvement Hub (CI Hub), consolidates key performance indicators for factory health into a single dashboard that allows users to quickly track and validate improvements and identify risks and opportunities to meet factory business goals, Datanomix said in a release.

Datanomix is the developer of an automated production intelligence platform for precision manufacturers. The New Hampshire-based company provides real-time production monitoring and performance analytics for CNC machines without the need for operator inputs or links to ERP systems. It described the CI Hub as a logical extension of its mission to deliver actionable insights that empower manufacturers to monitor and manage production in real time, while giving them deep insights into overall factory performance over time.

In a factory, the CI Hub consolidates and analyzes data across all of the machines and jobs that are monitored by Datanomix, providing an overall production score for the entire factory. It also provides simple breakouts of key metrics that are critical to continuous improvement personnel, such as cycle time performance, asset utilization, and schedule efficiency.

“We conceived the CI Hub as a way to fuel two critical dimensions of the factory at once—first, for executives to see that the efforts and initiatives of their teams are working, and second, for continuous improvement and leadership teams to get clear guidance on where their greatest opportunities for improvement exist,” said John Joseph, CEO and co-founder of Datanomix, in the release. “With CI Hub, Datanomix is providing your team with an active agenda of what to work on for continuous improvement. You get a live baseline of the overall business summarized for you, with indicators and drill-downs into jobs and machines that offer the best opportunity for improvement to harvest the next round of productivity gains. At the end of the day, CI Hub exists to help you build an operations management framework based on an intelligent assessment of your data and trends.”

First-generation production monitoring solutions are limited in their ability to provide insights because machine operators and supervisors must enter information about machine states and parts into computers or tablets. This distracts operators from managing their machines and often results in data entry errors that create an incomplete or erroneous picture of performance at the machine level, let alone overall factory trends. These systems also require weeks or months to set up and configure, creating more work for busy factory workers and delaying the insights that are hidden in CNC machine data, according to the release.

With Datanomix, manufacturers simply connect the system to their CNC machines. Datanomix automatically ingests the data, using advanced analytics and machine learning to derive insights and a unique per-job production benchmark. This benchmark is calculated as parts are being made, and provides a baseline for production scoring that immediately drives teams to higher levels of productivity because it is derived from real data and calibrated to an aggressive but achievable performance level. When Datanomix production scores are displayed on large-screen TVs across the factory floor, everyone on the team understands the trajectory of every job in real time, the company said.

“Everyone in a factory—operators, supervisors, quality control, continuous improvement, and leadership—are flat out, and they need good data and good information to put their expertise to use to drive efficiency,” said Greg McHale, CTO and co-founder of Datanomix, in the release. “When we developed the Datanomix platform, our mission was to automate the information that manufacturers need to solve the problems of right now, while also delivering meaningful trends and insights that can only emerge over time. The Continuous Improvement Hub is a significant step forward for factory leaders who want to quickly understand if the business is on track and improving, and for the leadership team to see that everyone is focused on the most valuable and impactful opportunities in a data-driven manner.”

The Continuous Improvement Hub will be added to the Datanomix platform before the end of November. All existing Datanomix customers will be given access to the new dashboard, and an exclusive customer training on the new functionality is scheduled for December.

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