ARCH aims to expand its reach and capacity in aerospace and defense with its acquisition of MTI

November 23, 2021

TEMPE, Ariz.—ARCH Precision Components Corp. reported that it has acquired Metalcraft Technologies Inv., LLC (MTI), a Cedar City, Utah-based manufacturer of complex aircraft components and structural assemblies for sophisticated aircraft.

ARCH Precision Components, a company of Madison Dearborn Partners, manufactures precision components and assemblies for a range of critical applications. The company’s multiple facilities are strategically located across the country to serve aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and evolving high-tech industries.

Metalcraft Technologies Inv., LLC specializes in sheet metal fabrication, machining, and chemical processing for the aerospace and defense industries. The company occupies 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space in two facilities and joins ARCH Precision Components as ARCH–Cedar City.

“ARCH–Cedar City will be our 10th center of excellence,” said Andy Spiering, chief executive officer at ARCH Precision Components, in a press release. “MTI’s capabilities complement and expand the ARCH platform, offering precision sheet-metal fabrication, additional machining capacity, advanced assembly, and in-house surface treatments. Both MTI and ARCH customers will benefit from our combined capabilities as we continue to align and grow with our customers’ strategic focus within the critical industries we serve.”

Corey Judd, president at Metalcraft, said the MTI team is excited to have found a partner in ARCH that supports the organization’s vision and values.

“ARCH Precision Components is a solid fit for MTI. We complement each other’s strengths in ways that will improve the organization as a whole,” Judd said in the release. “I am very appreciative of David Grant and the other legacy owners for the great company they have built over the years. It was important to find someone who could honor that legacy and carry us forward into a new phase of growth and development. We feel ARCH really understands us and our business, and right from the beginning, we felt a sense of trust and alignment. That is important in a partnership.”

Former MTI owner David Grant said he is confident that MTI is in the right hands at ARCH.

“MTI has a distinguished history serving our loyal customers, caring for our dedicated people, and elevating our tight-knit community,” he said. “I feel good knowing our legacy will continue with ARCH.”

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