DIVSYS-ICAPE (www.divsys.com) in Indianapolis, Indiana, is an expert at prototyping printed circuit boards, at providing circuit board components, and at printed circuit board testing and verification. It offers customers its suitability for use opinion after undertaking its lab tests that meet the standards set by the Institute for Printed Circuits. DIVSYS assists customers with PCB design guidelines, manufacturability and board specific questions.

DIVSYS-ICAPE offers rapid prototyping with production-ready assembly within 3 days. It offers custom solutions from prototyping to mass production using the newest assembly equipment. In addition, it offers low to medium volume production, laboratory approval and failure analysis. It offers PCB and PCBA rework and BGA repair, turnkey assembly and design for manufacturing services as well as real-time technical assistance.

DIVSYS-ICAPE enumerates why it’s a great choice for PCB production, including proximity, based on its Indiana location. “Real-time communication and technical support. Reduce the risk of miscommunications due to language barriers or translation issues.” Speed is also important to customers. “Complete assemblies in only a few days instead of weeks for simple or complex designs. Our in-house lab accelerates the qualification process.”

If the PCBA customer asks for approval for use, “the lot is inspected to the relevant IPC standards visually, and any measurements that are required are taken for dimensions. The lot is then subjected to a full laboratory analysis for compliance and suitability for use,” the company’s website said. That testing includes a battery of more than 30 modern testing devices.

Among its testing methods are X-Ray fluorescence, ion chromatography, solderability, visual inspection, differential scan calorimeter, cleanliness testing, bare board testing, time domain reflectometry and non-contact coordinate measuring, its website said.

DIVSYS-ICAPE’s work is cost-effective, because it will, “accelerate your product development cycle which saves time and money. Tariff and international shipping costs make overseas business expensive.” By cutting down on shipping, picking DIVSYS-ICAPE is a better choice for the environment, plus it helps the customer protect their intellectual property. “Intellectual property is more vulnerable with overseas production.”

“Our laboratory reports are not just an exercise in metrics, but actually provide an ‘approval for use’ report with the results. Do you want the confidence that comes from assembling a quality board? We are here for you!” DIVSYS-ICAPE said.

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