Company converted a multi-piece welded fabrication into a one-piece, thin-wall investment casting that saved costs.

December 17, 2021

OXFORD, Mich.—Not long ago, Barron Industries converted a distorted, multi-piece welded fabrication into a one-piece, lightweight, thin-wall investment casting for a military vehicle. Today, the company has a 2021 Best Military Casting award from the Investment Casting Institute to show for its work on the project.

The cast part, made of A356-T6 aluminum, is a thin-wall HVAC diffuser that’s used in a military vehicle with tight packaging constraints, the company said in a press release.

“The former method of manufacture was time-consuming and costly,” said company president and CEO Bruce Barron, in a statement. “Barron Industries is producing this as a single-piece casting at half the original cost, providing significant cost savings. Additionally, the investment casting process has provided the customer with a great deal of design flexibility not previously available.”

Barron Industries makes high-precision investment castings for performance-critical industries, such as aerospace, defense, energy technology, specialty automotive, and heavy truck. The company is a supplier to numerous aerospace and defense contractors, including General Dynamics, BAE, Oshkosh, Raytheon, GE Aviation, and Boeing Defense.

The award marks the second straight year that Barron Industries has received the Institute’s Best Investment Casting Award. When an aerospace company asked Barron to manufacture an investment casting for an advanced military guidance system, Barron was able to produce the part while reportedly reducing costs by 75 percent. The achievement earned Barron the Investment Casting Institute’s 2020 Military Award.

The Investment Casting Institute distributes the Best Investment Casting Awards annually to manufacturing companies that best demonstrate the benefits of the investment casting process for producing metal components. Investment casting is used to make complex metal components with precision, and is known to save time and cost in producing parts for numerous industries.

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