The capacitors are reported to enable 50 percent or greater reduction in packaging and weight

AUBURN HILLS, Mich.—BorgWarner is aiming to strengthen its inverter capabilities through an exclusive licensing agreement with PolyCharge America, Inc., a startup company that develops high energy-density capacitors with high temperature capabilities.

BorgWarner said in a release that it has secured exclusive rights to bring the PolyCharge NanoLam™ capacitors in-house for use in its inverters. The capacitors are reported to enable high-power inverters to be smaller, lighter, and more tolerant to high temperatures.

“As a leader in delivering innovative and sustainable mobility solutions, we are constantly assessing our technology portfolio and existing partnerships for potential opportunities to strengthen our technology offerings,” said Stefan Demmerle, Ph.D., president and general manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, in the release. “This licensing agreement bolsters our relationship with PolyCharge, aligns with our comprehensive electrification strategy, and complements our inverter portfolio.

“Because the high-voltage inverter market is growing rapidly, given the critical role they play in electrified propulsion, our ability to condense packaging size and weight through PolyCharge’s capacitors will give our customers a significant advantage.”

PolyCharge’s NanoLam capacitor technology is reported to use super-thin polymer dielectric layers, suiting them for applications in which weight savings, high temperature tolerance, and packaging space are critically important. The NanoLam capacitors are self-healing, prismatic in shape, and offer a 50 percent reduction in capacitor size and weight. According to BorgWarner, these characteristics make them ideal for applications with challenging packaging requirements across a broad voltage range.

Compared to traditional polypropylene DC-link capacitors, PolyCharge NanoLam products are said to offer significantly higher energy density, higher ripple current ratings, and lower inductance—qualities that result in improved efficiency and higher power density inverter systems.

“The team at BorgWarner has been instrumental in getting NanoLam™ technology to the point where it is today,” said Steven Yializis, chief operating officer and director of PolyCharge America, in a statement. “This agreement is a testament to BorgWarner’s commitment to sustainable mobility, as well as a major step in achieving PolyCharge’s mission of ‘A NanoLam™ Capacitor in Every Vehicle.’”

PolyCharge was formed by Sigma Technologies to commercialize its NanoLam™ Technology for electric drive vehicles, renewable energy inverters, and medical, aerospace, and industrial mobility applications. The company’s headquarters, engineering, and product development center are located in Tucson, Arizona.

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