The company provides custom design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and harnesses for warehouse equipment OEMs and system integrators.

 December 10, 2021

TROY, Mich.—Custom interconnect provider NAI reported that it expanded its capabilities to provide interconnects for the growing warehouse automation industry. The company offers custom design and manufacturing of cable assemblies and harnesses for warehouse equipment OEMs and system integrators.

Although the benefits of automation are well-established, only about 5 percent of North American warehouses are fully automated, according to a release from NAI. Such benefits include reduced labor costs, higher operational efficiency, and increased safety in the workplace. Automation can also address concerns regarding the availability of labor. These benefits are said to significantly outweigh the challenges faced in implementing automation in warehouses and distribution centers.

Meanwhile, technologies like the industrial internet of things (IIoT) have begun to significantly transform warehouse automation. The IIoT entails automating a variety of operations, from automatic data capture to software systems, automated storage and retrieval, picking, labeling, and identifying, as well as transportation and delivery.

NAI said in the release that it focuses on providing interconnectivity products for digital warehouse automation and IIoT initiatives, including high-density warehouse storage, narrow-aisle equipment, high picking, high storage, and other operational efficiency measures. The company produces cable assemblies and harnesses that can be used for a variety of automated warehouse equipment, such as automated guided vehicles (AGVs); robotic systems, including , intelligent robots for sortation systems; smart picking systems; and driverless autonomous forklifts.

For example, NAI provides cable assemblies for the newer shuttles that are used to move inventory in the warehouse, an operation that is replacing traditional conveyor systems. The company has supplied cable assemblies for the traditional systems as well. NAI also said it can provide “the connectivity solutions needed to interconnect the whole warehouse operation.”

NAI offers copper and fiber-optic cable assemblies and harnesses, coupled with block assemblies, panels, and box builds. Recent product development has allowed NAI to expand its capabilities to include coax assemblies among its main portfolio of interconnect solutions, the company said.

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