Ansys is contributing simulation capabilities to collaborations with companies that are developing sustainable electric and autonomous vehicles, including the aerial variety. (Ansys/PRNewswire photo)

Will focus on how simulation is impacting electrification, autonomy, and connected mobility

December 28, 2021

PITTSBURGH—As the automotive industry experiences what some are calling its largest transformative phase in history, simulation remains a driving force in helping OEMs and suppliers’ engineering teams get to market faster, while also meeting safety and performance requirements.

At CES 2022 in Las Vegas, Ansys is planning to showcase how simulation capabilities are paving the way for sustainable mobility. The company, along with customers and partners, will present “industry-leading initiatives in electrification, autonomy, and connected mobility,” Ansys said in a release.

Ansys said it will spotlight simulation capabilities that are making next generation concepts a reality—from electrified powertrain specifications and emerging alternative fuels to autonomous shuttles, electric vehicle battery management, and the latest in lidar technology.

Mazda Motor Corporation, for example, has been working with Ansys on its Mazda Co-Pilot Concept project to actively employ advanced technologies for driver assistance systems. With Ansys, Mazda performs simulation-based virtual verification of optical functions during the early development stage, from adaptive driving beams to the camera, lidar, and radar systems that are essential to the realization of AV-ADAS technology.

“Ansys enables efficient and comprehensive development and verification while improving safety quality,” said Toru Yoshioka, deputy general manager at Mazda Motor Corporation, in the release. “Ansys enables our team to promote model-based development and significantly reduce the man-hours and cost of physical verification through a one-stop environment, from requirements to design to digital verification.”

In addition to showcasing similar technology, Ansys will host the Ansys Technology Tour at CES. The tour will offer interactive glimpses into ongoing collaborations with partners and customers, including EasyMile, Innoviz Technologies, and NXP® Semiconductors. Ansys will also host “Engineering What’s Next: Sustainability Focused Innovation,” a live discussion taking place at the Ansys booth and presented by Ansys Director of Customer Excellence Pepi Maksimovic.

“2022 promises to be a pivotal year in democratization of simulation software to accelerate digital engineering transformation,” said Ansys Chief Technology Officer Prith Banerjee, in the release. “Virtual prototyping and testing create new business opportunities, while also reducing costs and slashing development time. We look forward to showcasing our industry-leading mobility solutions and engaging with our customers and partners at CES.”

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