APSX, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer, uses advanced technology to take “cool ideas” to “finished products” by manufacturing plastic injection molding machines, CNC machines and Swiss-type lathes. APSX’s sole mission is to provide people with faster prototypes and faster production, the company said on its website.

APSX was founded in 2006 with the goal of creating small, affordable machines that offer precision and repeatability, a desktop machine without compromise. It provides parts and accessories to support these machines, including plastic pellets in small quantities.

“You can create low-cost components rapidly without complex setup or large up-front costs,” the website said. The APSX-PIM can process any plastic, including polypropylene, thermoplastic polyolefin, nylon, polycarbonate, acetal, ABS, and PC/ABS with MFR.

The machines appeal to a wide-range of customers, the company said, including those working on prototypes, on research and development, who are designing a niche product, who need a part on-demand, who want production parts and who work in education. The injection molding machine can be unboxed and set up to make its first part within 30 minutes, the website said. The APSX-PIM footprint is four feet by one foot. It is made from stainless steel, anodized aluminum and bronze parts. It has an all-electric and no-water coolant system. It has a touch-screen control.

The ASPX-NANO CNC Swiss Lathe can machine aluminum, stainless steel, grade 2 Titanium, Brass, Delrin and other materials with high precision. It arrives as a complete ready-to-run system including a stand, embedded PC, keyboard, monitor, pendant and a mist system. It uses standard wall outlet for power. Typically, Swiss-type parts are smaller than 25 mm with the majority being smaller than 16 mm in diameter. The ASPX-NANO has a maximum capacity of 20 inches of bar stock at a time with the machine providing stationary support for the workpiece while the part is machined. The machine has a base footprint of 31 inches by 14 inches.

The ASPX Spyder CNC machine is a ready-to-mill system that includes embedded PC, keyboard, monitor, pendant and a mist system. It is designed to replicate vertical machine center precision in a router package using a standard wall outlet. It has a base footprint of 30 inches by 23 inches by 16 inches high.

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