Surfaceink’s Innovation Lab is dedicated to helping clients map a clear path forward for their projects

 February 1, 2022

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Product design and development company Surfaceink recently unveiled a holistic, cross-functional approach to helping companies with their product development projects. The Silicon Valley firm’s new Pilothouse Innovation Labs is dedicated to helping Fortune 2000 brands, non-traditional technical companies, and startups explore the possibilities, navigate the risks, and map a clear path forward for their consumer electronic and IoT innovation development initiatives.

“Innovation and bringing clarity to our clients’ visions have always been at the core of what we do at Surfaceink,” said CEO Eric Bauswell, in a release. “Building upon the reliable processes, tools, and structures we have developed over the past 20-plus years, Pilothouse Labs is a formalization of those efforts.”

From ideation and proof of concept to product roadmaps and market feasibility, Pilothouse Labs will focus on early-stage development of consumer electronic and IoT initiatives. The collaborative process is designed to generate innovative ideas that creatively solve a problem, are technically feasible to build, and are commercially viable. They also add enterprise value and are timely to market, the company said in the release.

“By applying our tangible, practical experience, holistic cross-functional approach, and proven processes, our diverse group of strategic engineers, developers, architects, designers, and project managers is able to help clients shift the paradigm on what is possible,” Bauswell added.

Surfaceink is recognized for its full-system engineering and consulting work on flagship products for global leaders such as Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Dolby, Fitbit, Google, and Intel. The company is also an Amazon Alexa Consulting and Professional Services Provider (CPS).

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