The company drew from extensive experience with sensitive electronics to assist a leading supplier to the military and aerospace markets

 February 22, 2022

HOPKINTON, Mass.—Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry, Inc., helped a leading supplier of electromechanical systems improve the performance and quality consistency of its system “in a way that reduced overall cost of the assembled system,” the company said in a release.

Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry is a manufacturer of engineered shock, vibration, and motion control products. Known for its development of custom shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems, the company prides itself on engineering unique and effective solutions to customers’ part performance problems.

“This well-known company was searching for a partner to help them outsource the assembly of their systems,” said Hutchinson Executive Vice President Bob Anderson, in the release. “Like many companies, they found that maintaining the leading-edge technical and assembly staffs necessary to achieve optimized assembly of complex electromechanical systems is extremely expensive and increasingly challenging.

“With our comprehensive security protocols, we were easily able to meet the customer’s compliance requirements. Our quality management system and focus on process control, combined with certified ISO disciplines, helped ensure that the assemblies we produced would consistently meet the demanding performance requirements of this system. In addition to our demonstrated engineering leadership in developing isolation solutions for this customer, our system design and analysis capabilities ticked all the boxes for their evolving needs.”

Hutchinson engineers worked with the customer, whose systems largely serve the military and aerospace markets, to understand the assembly and testing process in greater detail through regular program management meetings. With insight into the customer’s specified electromechanical system performance requirements and environmental parameters, Hutchinson devised assembly processes and test procedures, as well as data collection and analysis methods, to cost-effectively meet the requirements for consistent performance.

“Our team was able to draw from extensive experience with sensitive electronics and a deep understanding of the system’s environmental and vibration exposure,” continued Anderson. “The customer is now benefiting from having Hutchinson orchestrate all supply chain aspects of this program, while also technically helping to refine the system’s assembly process and performance consistency. We are excited that our customer is now receiving assembled systems at their targeted cost objectives that consistently meet all performance requirements.”

The customer no longer has to manage seven suppliers that had been supplying 15 different components. Now, Hutchinson delivers a single component on time and 100 percent compliant to specified requirements, Hutchinson said in the release.

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