Keystone Electronics’ UL-recognized fuse clips for cylindrical glass fuses feature end stops to ensure safety and design integrity. (Photo courtesy Keystone Electronics)

NEW HYDE PARK, N.Y.—UL-recognized Fuse Clips from Keystone Electronics Corp. are manufactured from brass with tin or nickel plate to ensure low contact resistance and ease of use on PCBs. The fuse clips feature end stops to ensure safety and design integrity and can be used with cylindrical glass fuses ranging in size from 1AG to 8AG, according to a release from Keystone Electronics.

The low profile, space saving fuse clips “can accommodate any product design requiring UL components,” the company said, including the use of Solar Protection Fuses (SPF). They are  suitable for applications from 6 to 30 Amps in a variety of environments.

Designed to mount easily and retain a stable position during wave soldering, UL-recognized clips are available in “snap-in” and “press-in” through-hole mounting configurations, as well as rivet and surface mounting styles, the company said.

Keystone, a manufacturer of precision electronic components and hardware, said it manufactures a broad selection of fuse clips and holders for a variety of fuse sizes and styles as part of its large family of interconnect components and hardware. The company’s capabilities include stamping, machining, assembly, CNC, and injection molding services. Keystone also offers application and engineering team assistance for product modifications and special designs.

Keystone is ISO-9001:2015 certified and RoHS compliant. The company has headquarters in the United States and offices in Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

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