Expertise in thermal management technology leads to a $7 million contract

May 10, 2022

LANCASTER, Pa.— Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT), a manufacturer of custom thermal management products, is collaborating with Boeing to update a sophisticated weapon system for the U.S Military and international partners, ACT said in a release.

Boeing contracted ACT to manufacture a thermal solution for onboard guidance technology used on the Harpoon and SLAM-ER cruise missile systems. Thermal management is a critical enabling technology as these systems become more capable and precise, according to the release.

The $7 million contract represents a multi-year production phase that was executed after reaching major milestones on the preceding engineering development phase. Boeing and ACT worked closely throughout design maturation to optimize the solution for performance, mass, and space claim, ACT said.

“ACT is excited for the opportunity to innovate as a key partner alongside Boeing in this unique thermal endeavor for their sophisticated cruise missile programs,” said ACT Sales Engineer Seth Ryberg, in the release.

ACT’s thermal management hardware is said to be essential for maintaining safe operational temperatures of the missile guidance systems and ensuring mission success.

“We’ve spent the past year working closely with the team at Boeing, prototyping and getting this innovative and highly-reliable thermal solution where it needs to be for mass production efforts,” said ACT Lead Engineer of Product Development Greg Hoeschele, in the release. “I’m proud to say we’re there!”

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