SymphonyAI Industrial’s new software offers connected worker capabilities and flexibility to scale deployments as needed

May 16, 2022

WOBURN, Mass.—A new software platform from SymphonyAI Industrial is designed to help companies achieve Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing goals of data-driven process optimization at enterprise scale, according to a release from SymphonyAI Industrial.

The company’s AI-embedded software, MOM 360™, is a manufacturing operations management platform with integrated manufacturing execution systems (MES) capabilities, enterprise-level governance, and AI-based process optimization. It also integrates the recently acquired connected worker software, Proceedix, which empowers workers to execute complex processes using a combination of smartphones, glasses, tablets, and PCs, SymphonyAI Industrial said in the release.

“The combination of composable MOM, connected worker, and asset performance management applications, with already-established artificial intelligence capabilities and planned future investments, makes SymphonyAI Industrial a compelling choice for manufacturing companies looking for a long-term partner to transform operations,” said Tom Comstock, principal analyst at LNS Research, in the release.

SymphonyAI’s MES software is built on a composable, workflow-driven application architecture that enables organizations to turn on and implement only the processes they need. As a result, they can reduce time-to-value versus traditional MES platforms, the company said.

“MOM 360 is unique in delivering modular, composable manufacturing operations capabilities,” said Barry Johnson, president of SymphonyAI Industrial’s Digital Manufacturing unit, in the release. “Our platform and suite of manufacturing and plant operations capabilities are highly differentiated in offering accelerated time to value, scale on-demand, and AI-first architecture to our customers.”

According to SymphonyAI Industrial, the MOM/MES platform can be operational in 90 days to connect devices, processes, people, and systems with harmonizing plant automation and control. With plant performance applications that span predictive maintenance of assets, as well as process health and optimization, the platform is said to help manufacturers maintain high availability of equipment, extend the life of capital assets, and reduce process variability.

“Manufacturers can deploy our composable MES software capabilities on demand, unlike rip-and-replace broad monoliths in the market that cannot provide flexible scale across lines and plants,” said Johnson. “Our customers can scale deployment across multiple plants and balance standardization with the need for local plant-specific needs to achieve process and asset efficiencies at scale.”

SymphonyAI Industrial said its software provides high value to users by driving variability out of processes and optimizing operations for throughput, yield, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

“We are using SymphonyAI Industrial’s platform to bring more responsiveness and efficiency to more plants and operations through the rapid deployment of digital manufacturing at the frontline,” said Brian Brinkmeier, senior manager of Digital Shop Floor at 3M, in the release.

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