Company will increase manufacturing capacity for agricultural tractor and construction equipment attachments

 June 2, 2022

GAINESVILLE, Ga.—Kubota North America (KNA) announced plans to expand its Jefferson-based KIE operation by adding a new facility within its footprint along the Hall County corridor in Gainesville. The company is planning to invest $140 million to construct a new building dedicated to expanding production capacity for Kubota loaders, primarily for the North America market, according to a release from Kubota Manufacturing of America.

The project is expected to break ground this year and be fully operational in 2024. It is expected to generate more than 500 manufacturing jobs, the company said.

Kubota North America is the parent company of Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC), Kubota Manufacturing of America (KMA), and Kubota Industrial Equipment (KIE). The company  employs more than 3,000 team members across manufacturing, distribution, and engineering operations at the Gainesville and Jefferson, Georgia, facilities.

 “Today’s announcement is yet another example of our collaborative efforts with the State of Georgia to establish Gainesville as a major manufacturing hub for our North America operations,” said Shingo Hanada, president and CEO of Kubota Tractor Corporation and Kubota North America, in the release. “This is an exciting time of unprecedented growth for our company, as this new investment comes right on the heels of the grand opening of our new R&D facility in Gainesville.”

The expansion will allow Kubota to expand loader capacity to meet growing market demands while freeing up space in the existing Jackson County facility to expand production of other attachments and implements for tractors and construction equipment, the company said.

“Through further investments like these, our supply chain continues to evolve to better meet the needs of our sister-company partners and Kubota dealers,” said Brian Arnold, president of Kubota Manufacturing of America, in the release. “With this expansion, our production capacity will almost double, and, at the same time, we will improve our quality and efficiency through innovations in welding and painting technologies.”

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