High QA Version 7.0 Software is designed to enhance the manufacturing quality management process. It also establishes a platform that enables buyers and suppliers to communicate and collaborate in a secure environment.

 June 9, 2022

HAZLET, N.J.—The latest release of High QA’s manufacturing quality management software (MQMS) establishes the High QA 360 platform to “advance, accelerate, and automate manufacturing quality processes,” High QA said in a release.

High QA’s Version 7.0 addresses advanced product quality planning (APQP) and production part approval processes (PPAP) by integrating new technology advancements from the High QA 360 platform. The advancements are reported to include production quality planning workflows and improved reporting and documentation capabilities for first article inspection (FAI), APQP, and PPAP. They also include “additional quality process features and overall improvements,” the company said in the release.

High QA provides software to enable manufacturing companies to efficiently create, manage, and monitor all quality requirements across manufactured parts. Its software is said to optimize and automate the entire quality process, “creating a seamless partnership and collaboration within an organization and throughout the supply chain.”

The company’s High QA 360 platform is said to provide suppliers and buyers “an effective way to communicate production information and quality requirements” in a secure environment. It is “designed for seamless collaboration and secure, accurate communications between buyers, such as OEMs, and manufacturing suppliers,” the company said on its website.

“By installing High QA software, we have been able to improve our manufacturing procedures,” said Amr Sufian, project engineer, Beverston Engineering, in the release. “We have a 72 percent average savings on quality planning and reporting processes.”

According to High QA, adding new features and expanding the software better facilitates APQP/PPAP quality documentation and reporting needs throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Full transparency and accountability are now possible, as users can review any job or order to see what documents are required, what stage the documents are in, and who is responsible for a particular document, the company said.

“High QA is continuing to help companies convert from manual quality processes, focused on pass/fail evaluations at the end of manufacturing, to an automated, proactive error-prevention quality solution during the manufacturing process,” said High QA CEO and Founder Sam Golan, in the release. “This type of quality management solution creates collaboration between engineering and manufacturing that provides a significant value to OEMs, manufacturers, and supply chains by delivering quality parts on time and on budget every time. Version 7.0 of our software, along with the High QA 360 platform, is another breakthrough technology in manufacturing quality management that we are proud to share with our customers.”

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