June 10, 2022

The following is an edited version of an article from the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership that was originally posted on February 4, 2022, on the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Innovation Blog.

GAITHERSBURG, Md.—Hendrick Manufacturing, founded in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, in 1876, provides custom metal solutions to a wide range of industries. As a family-owned and operated business, Hendrick has come a long way from its origin as the first commercial manufacturer of perforated metal screens.

During the past 140 years, Hendrick’s perforated metals market has expanded to a myriad of industries that benefit from the filtration and separation properties of its products. Hendrick has also broadened its reach into the architectural market, which recognizes the utility and the innate aesthetic beauty of its metals.

In addition to its headquarters in Carbondale, Hendrick opened a second location in Owensboro, Kentucky, in 1974. This subsidiary, named the Hendrick Screen Company, has grown to become one of the most recognized global manufacturers of quality wedge wire and profile bar screens. Today, its customers number in the thousands, including many Fortune 500 companies, and its products are delivered to more than 35 countries around the world.

To ensure its quality processes and protocols met client requirements, Hendrick Manufacturing sought an external resource to assist in upgrading its quality management system (QMS) for certification from ISO 9001:2008 to ISO 9001:2015. If it did not upgrade the QMS, Hendrick was at risk of losing many of its most lucrative accounts.


Hendrick retained the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center (NEPIRC), part of the Pennsylvania MEP and the MEP National Network™, for this engagement. Once retained, NEPIRC provided a two-day gap analysis of Hendrick’s existing quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 at its headquarters in Carbondale.

In addition to the gap analysis, NEPIRC provided a one-day ISO 9001:2015 transition training to several of Hendrick’s employees. The training addressed topics like setting the foundation of quality management procedures; establishing a vision, mission, and objectives for the QMS; and implications of the Annex SL format.

The transition training also included changes in wording; new requirements; understanding the concepts of the organization and its context; needs and expectations of interested parties; risk-based thinking requirements; and new top management requirements.

Lastly, NEPIRC provided an eight-day documentation revision and consultation for specific issues during the implementation of Hendrick’s ISO 9001:2015 QMS. After making modifications to existing ISO documentation, NEPIRC met with Hendrick personnel to review the changes to ensure a full understanding of the changes.

Results included $250,000 in increased or retained sales. Five jobs were created or retained, and Hendrick netted $20,000 in cost savings.

Could your company benefit from assistance with certifications?

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About the Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership

The Pennsylvania Manufacturing Extension Partnership is the official representative of the MEP National Network in Pennsylvania. The MEP National Network is a unique public-private partnership that helps small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today’s technology-driven economy. The MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP) and the 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

The IRC Network consists of seven nonprofit Industrial Resource Centers that are located strategically throughout the Commonwealth and are affiliated with the national Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) as part of the Pennsylvania MEP. The Centers were established to help manufacturers respond to changing markets, new technology, and the competitive pressures of today’s global economy. They offer a wide range of services to support small and medium-sized manufacturers’ needs for growth, innovation, process improvement, and training.

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