Para-Coat Technologies has structured its operations to serve demanding industries, including medical, military, and aerospace

 July 25, 2022

JOHNSTOWN, Pa.— JOHNSTOWN, Pa.—Para-Coat Technologies, Inc. (PCT) is a conformal coating service provider that specializes in applying vapor-deposition Parylene coating, as well as traditional liquid coatings, to a variety of electronic parts and circuitry. The company employs 25 team members at its facility in Johnstown, serving customers in the automotive, aerospace, military, commercial, electronics, and medical industries.

“We coat a wide range of electronics and PCBs, as well as rubber, silicone, and other elastomer parts,” said Emily Waterhouse, PCT’s marketing manager, in an emailed response. “We also coat other metal and plastic substrates that can be used in the industries [we serve].”

Conformal coatings provide a protective thin film that conforms to the contours of PCB components and circuitry, guarding them against moisture, salt sprays, abrasion, dust, aggressive chemicals, solvents, and the like, according to PCT’s website. Their protective function is said to substantially improve “the longevity and reliability” of the components and circuits.

Para-Coat Technologies offers conformal coating services that include the application of acrylic, urethane, silicone, and epoxy coatings. But its flagship coating, Parylene, is widely seen as “the ultimate conformal coating for the protection of devices, complex components, and electronic surfaces,” the company said on its website.

Because Parylene is vapor deposited in a vacuum, its coating materials “provide outstanding protective properties and give the best possible coverage,” the company said, calling it “the most durable and dependable option for aerospace, military, and defense applications.”

A strong commitment to quality

Quality is a major emphasis at Para-Coat Technologies, which received ISO 13485 certification of its quality management system in 2020. The certification complements PCT’s ISO 9001:2015 registration and “ensures that the company’s quality management system meets current regulatory requirements that are specific to the medical device industry,” according to a release on the company’s website.

“It demonstrates the commitment of our team to quality,” said Krista Rager, CEO of PCT, in the release.

Dave Pribish, general manager for PCT, also lauded the significance of ISO 13485:2016. “This certification represents an important milestone for our company and reflects the focus we have on risk-based decision making throughout our organization, with a commitment to safety and providing a high-quality product,” he said in the release

The collective experience of PCT’s highly skilled operators and inspectors is key to producing coated products of superior quality, Waterhouse said.

“We coat all of our products to the customers’ standards, using only the highest quality materials while following IPC coating standards,” she said.

A coating suited for medical implants

Many of the coatings that Para-Coat Technologies applies are for medical products that are implanted in the human body. The company’s Parylene coating is certified as a Class VI implantable material and USFDA approved.

In one application, PCT applied the coating to an implantable with a required 30-day lifespan within the body. One of the challenges, she said, was to keep the coating intact for the lifespan of the product. Another was to prevent the body from regenerating around the area where the device was implanted.

In 2017, PCT moved its production to a 45,000-square-foot building that is environmentally controlled and ESD safe, per ANSI S20.20. The company also installed a Class 7 cleanroom for its Parylene coating operation. According to PCT’s website, its team “adheres to ESD precautions at all times, to be performed in accordance with IPC-J-STD-001.”

“All assemblies are properly handled, thoroughly inspected, and tracked through a fully documented production process. A 100 percent visual inspection is performed, and coating thickness is measured to ensure and maintain the highest quality possible,” the company said.

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