BOSTONtec manufactures an ergonomic wire-harness assembly workbench that is said to enable more efficient and accurate manufacturing processes. (Photo: PRNewswire)

July 26, 2022

MIDLAND, Mich.—Amid a booming electric vehicle (EV) market sector, industrial workbench manufacturer BOSTONtec reported it would showcase products that streamline electric auto manufacturing and R&D activities at an industry trade event this fall.

A high-performance electronic workplace system and an ergonomic wire-harness workbench were among the products scheduled to be exhibited by the company at The Battery Show North America in Novi, Michigan.

The Battery Show, reportedly the largest battery and electric vehicles technology trade show in North America, was expected to draw more than 700 suppliers from across the transportation, stationary, portable, and industrial sectors, according to a release from BOSTONtec.

BOSTONtec is a manufacturer of custom, ergonomic, modular workstations for the assembly, fulfillment, healthcare, and technology markets. The company is the Michigan partner of erfi, a Germany-based developer of innovative testing equipment and maker of the elneos® connect system.

The elneos connect system is one of the products that BOSTONtec said it would exhibit at The Battery Show. Equipped with the new elneos six measuring device, it is said to  provide an innovative workstation that can be specifically configured to address battery research and electromobility needs for efficiency and precision testing.

The erfi elneos connect workplace system offers an integrated elneos six electronic measurement device. (Photo: PRNewswire)

“Erfi has long experience in serving the automotive industry and has developed specific systems for electrical safety and functional testing,” said Andreas Fischer, erfi’s owner and managing shareholder, in the release. ”We are excited to have found a partner in BOSTONtec, and we can help complement their line of ergonomic workstations with intelligent measuring solutions.”

BOSTONtec said it would also exhibit its wire-harness ergonomic workbench, which is used for vehicle wiring and charging cable wiring.

“Electric vehicles use close to twice the number of wires and connectors that traditional combustion vehicles do,” said BOSTONtec President Kelly Wehner, in the release. “So, our innovative wire-harness board configurations improve wiring accuracy and efficiency. They decrease repetitive motion injuries and thus reduce costs for EV manufacturers.”

The ergonomic workbench reportedly allows the operator to quickly set a wire harness board in place and change position without removing work in process. That’s an important feature when aligning very long wire-harness assemblies that are most often made to order and hand-assembled, according to BOSTONtec.

All BOSTONtec products are designed and fabricated in Midland, Mich., and sold worldwide, the company said.

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