Advanced Machining and Tooling President Keith Felts stands with the company’s new multi-tasking CNC mill/turn machine (Photo: Business Wire)

The CNC precision machining company acquired a DMG Mori NTX 2500 that produces highly complex parts with reduced labor content

August 8, 2022

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Advanced Machining and Tooling, a Compass Precision operating company, recently purchased and installed a DMG Mori NTX 2500 machining center to provide additional part making capabilities and capacity, according to a release from Compass Precision.

Advanced Machining and Tooling specializes in manufacturing complex geometry components for aerospace, defense, telecommunications, and industrial automation applications.

“This new machine combines twin spindle turning with full 5-axis milling,” explained Keith Felts, president of Advanced Machining and Tooling, in the release. “It’s possible to mill and turn using the main spindle, then hand off the part to the secondary spindle, where additional milling and turning can occur to finish off the part without operator intervention.”

Advanced Machining and Tooling Operations Manager Patrick Reynolds said the new machining center enables the company to do more work in a single set-up.

“The NTX 2500 can multi-task on the main spindle while another part is being milled and/or turned using the secondary spindle. Both productivity and quality benefit from significantly reduced part handling.”

Advanced Machining has invested aggressively in new equipment in the past three years. Recent additions include two Mikron 5-axis machining centers with multiple pallets; one Mikron 3-axis machining center; three Agie EDM machines; and two other DMG Mori mill/turn machines. But at an installed cost of nearly $1 million, the company’s new NTX 2500 tops them all.

“I think this machine is our template for future machine purchases,” Felts said. “All of our chip making machines will be mill/turn with 5-axis capability, or 5-axis machines automated with pallet changers. Labor has become our constraint. I feel setups and part-handling must be minimized while unattended machining has to be maximized.”

As Advanced Machining and Tooling continues to evolve and grow into the future, additional equipment investments are expected to enhance the company’s capabilities and satisfy growing customer appetites for complex components.

“Recent customer demand has required greater capacity and capability in terms of accuracy and part complexity,” Felts said. “Meeting these needs meant we had to make the largest machine tool investment in our history and buy a best-in-class machine.”

Advanced Machining and Tooling provides CNC precision machining services to leading OEM customers. Founded in 1985, the company specializes in prototype and short- to intermediate- run production for customers requiring demanding, mission-critical components.

“My greatest satisfaction comes from passing along knowledge I’ve gained over the years and seeing the members of my team get better,” Felts said. “I don’t often have the opportunity to get my hands on things in the shop anymore, so I live vicariously through my machinists and celebrate their successes.”

Advanced Machining’s capabilities include 5-axis CNC milling and turning, wire and sinker EDM, CAD/CAM, Zeiss CMM, and grinding. The company is experienced with a wide variety of materials, including all steel alloys, fully hardened steels, high nickel alloys, titanium, aluminum, ultra-hard ceramic composites, non-ferrous alloys, and polymers.

“I love what Keith and Pat are doing to push the envelope of our capabilities,” exclaimed Gary Holcomb, CEO of parent company Compass Precision. “We believe strongly in aggressive investment to make ourselves a better precision components supplier.”

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