Mencom’s MIXO right-angled, high-current modules are designed to minimize space installation requirements. (Photo courtesy Mencom)

Mencom’s new connector modules offer a compact connection that is said to eliminate bending of large diameter wires

 August 22, 2022

OAKWOOD, Ga.—The energy transition market today demands flexible high-power capabilities. Competing successfully in this fast-growing market requires the integration of power systems and associated cable assemblies to be secure, cost-effective, and space-saving, according to Mencom, an industrial electrical connector manufacturer based in Oakwood.

However, high-power modules in the current range of 70A to 200A have conductors with large wire-cross sections, even up to 70mm2. These wires are often challenging to handle because their thickness reduces the bending radius and requires adequate floor space, Mencom said in a release.

The company recently introduced new MIXO right-angled, high-current rectangular connector modules (CX-01YA) that are designed to minimize space installation requirements. The connector modules offer a compact 90-degree connection that is said to remove bending of large diameter wires (up to 70mm2) and ensure reliable 200A rating performance.

The main feature of the new module is a special insulating cover plate that is said to prevent accidental contact between cable lugs on adjacent modules. It can also save the nominal voltage rating of 1000V planned for the 200A modules while connecting the DIN 46235 pre-insulated crimp cable lugs, the company said.

Mencom said the 200A right-angled modules with the screw termination are compatible with standard bulkhead mounting housings. They also can be used to extend a busbar connection or to power control cabinets, HVAC systems, and batteries for energy storage backup applications, according to the release.

Mencom, founded in 1987 and located just north of Atlanta, is a U.S. manufacturer of industrial power, control, signal, and networking connectors, according to its website.

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