TCCI Manufacturing said its new compressor provides ‘the longest life and fastest charging’ in the industry

September 12, 2022

DECATUR, Ill.—Calling it “a critical component on today’s battery electric truck,” TCCI Manufacturing recently introduced what it said is the first 850-volt electric compressor available to the commercial vehicle and transport market.

The compressor, available in 34cc/46cc/60cc/120cc, provides “optimal cabin and battery cooling for commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs),” TCCI Manufacturing said in a release. In addition to providing optimal cabin climate and battery operating temperature, the 850-volt electric compressor is said to deliver “the longest life and fastest charging” available in the industry today.

“As recently as two years ago, the commercial market was struggling to find the right specifications, both mechanically and electrically,” said Richard Demirjian, president of TCCI Manufacturing, in a statement. “We were getting requests for everything from 24V to 800V. By listening to customers and understanding their needs, TCCI has focused on innovation around the 400V and 850V products, which are poised to usher in a new era of commercial battery electric vehicles.”

TCCI Manufacturing said in the release that as the transportation sector shifts to sustainable mobility, the company’s mission is to deliver “best-in-class products that support the changing paradigm and provide innovative solutions for automotive and heavy-duty applications.” The company recently received the state of Illinois’ first Reimagining Electric Vehicle (REV Illinois) Tax Incentive package, along with an additional $21.3 million public-private partnership grant, to accelerate electrification by expanding electric compressor manufacturing, research, and workforce development initiatives.

As part of this grant, TCCI will develop a Climatic Center to support technology advancements for high voltage systems, battery cooling, and both A/C and heat pump capabilities. The Center will also include a DC fast charger for electric vehicle testing inside the chamber, and will be available for outside industry and researchers around the world, the company said.

TCCI Manufacturing said it has been working with companies throughout the design and development phase to pave the road to sustainable transport. The company’s compressors are designed for up to 45,000 hours of life, reportedly almost twice the life of its competition. This large range of capacity enables OEMs to optimize their systems to achieve the lowest charging times in the industry, the company said.

The 850-volt range of compressors is designed to run at 8500 RPM.

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