Plex Systems has added compliance enhancements to its QMS software platform to meet updated automotive supplier requirements. (Photo: Business Wire)

Plex’s quality management system meets updated requirements for Ford suppliers

September 28, 2022

MILWAUKEE—Smart manufacturing software developer Plex Systems, a Rockwell Automation Company, reported recently that it added compliance enhancements to its quality management system (QMS) platform, Plex QMS, to meet Ford Motor Company’s updated customer-specific requirements for IATF 16949:2016.

Plex said in a release that Plex QMS follows a plan-do-check-act methodology to drive the full quality lifecycle, enabling manufacturers to deliver better margin and drive a culture of quality. The enhanced platform now also helps companies meet the newest IATF-16949 FMEA requirement, with support for families of FMEA (failure mode and effects analysis), foundation FMEAs, and automated FMEA information flows from a part FMEA to the control plan.

The cloud-based Plex QMS also ensures all users are accessing the same PFMEA version, the company said.

Plex Vice President, Product Management Anthony Murphy said in a statement that Plex was proud that automotive suppliers could soon start realizing “the transformative benefits” of the company’s QMS platform.

“We’re focused on maintaining strong connections to the industry and regulatory bodies and actively engaging with customers to help deliver results-driven solutions that assist with meeting these new standards, as well as reduce cost to comply,” Murphy said in the release.

According to Plex, its platform “gives manufacturers the ability to connect, automate, track, and analyze every aspect of their business to drive transformation.” It is used to connect people, systems, machines, and supply chains, and includes software for manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP), quality, supply chain planning and management, asset performance management, production monitoring, process automation, and analytics, the company said.

“The race to improve quality through digitalization is hitting critical mass as some automotive manufacturers are rising to the challenge and others lag behind,” said Reid Paquin, research director at IDC, in the release. “Suppliers utilizing quality management solutions, like those available from Plex, offering real-time, repeatable, predictable quality, can help these manufacturers by delivering superior components that reduce their overall risk exposure and support market share expansion.”

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