Festo AX creates a digital bridge between operational technology and business intelligence, its developer says.

October 25, 2022

ISLANDIA, N.Y.—A new artificial intelligence (AI) platform is reported to give manufacturers “a tool to be more competitive and sustainable” by improving machine utilization and quality, lowering waste, and ensuring energy optimization.

Developed by Festo, the Festo Automation Experience (Festo AX) uses advanced analytics to map data and determine the healthy state of a component, machine, product, or energy system. When data begins trending out of normal, it provides actionable information to correct anomalies, Festo said in a release.

Festo AX is said to provide a digital bridge between operational technology and IT-based business intelligence—and, specifically, the advanced analytics arising from them. By doing so, the platform provides original equipment manufacturers with a notable differentiator for their machines and systems, the company said.

Festo AX is reported to improve process transparency by 100 percent and machine availability by more than 25 percent. It can also lower waste by more than 50 percent, product rejection costs by more than 45 percent, and unplanned downtime by more than 20 percent, the company said.

According to Festo, in a predictive quality application for production of silicon wafers, Festo AX provided early detection of wafer defects. It is said to have improved accuracy for quality assurance sample selection and delivered high positivity in quality observations. Festo AX also lowered waste per machine per year by $100,000, the company said.

Also, at a premium-segment auto plant producing 1,000 cars per day, Festo AX continuously monitored actuation data from the plant’s welding guns. It is credited with decreasing unplanned downtime by 25 percent at the plant, Festo said in the release.

Festo is a manufacturer of pneumatic and electromechanical systems, components, and controls for process and industrial automation. The company also offers advanced technical and industrial education through its Festo Didactic Learning Systems and partners to prepare workers for current and future manufacturing technologies.

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