ZT Systems is leaning on Gafcon Digital for development of a digital twin

November 1, 2022

SAN DIEGO, Calif.—Gafcon Digital reported in November that it was working with ZT Systems, a hyperscale cloud computing engineering, and manufacturing company, to develop a digital twin for its ZT Systems’ manufacturing facilities. The digital twin will enable constant monitoring of the ZT Systems manufacturing environment, ensuring the quality of its server hardware for hyperscale cloud computing, according to a release from Gafcon Digital.

“Ensuring consistent and repeatable quality of our manufacturing environments is a priority for our customers and employees,” said ZT Systems Director of Supply Chain Strategy and Transformation Tony Colonna, in a statement. “A digital twin will give us real-time visibility to factory conditions, helping us deliver error-free solutions.”

ZT Systems, headquartered in Secaucus, New Jersey, is a prominent supplier of hyperscale compute and storage products that serves data center operators “from enterprise organizations to the largest cloud providers,” the company said in the release.

“We pride ourselves on maintaining high-quality manufacturing facilities to ensure on-time deployments, and partnering with Gafcon Digital as an innovative extension of our team will help us continue that commitment to excellence,” Colonna added.

Gafcon Digital, a digital twin systems integrator, will integrate data from numerous environmental sensors in the factories to track temperature, humidity, air quality, and dust particulates. This will enable ZT Systems to constantly monitor the manufacturing environment and ensure the quality of its server products, according to Gafcon Digital.

“This project is a great opportunity to highlight how much value a digital twin can bring to the manufacturing environment,” said Gafcon Digital Vice President Sean Olcott, in the release.
“As technologies to track and monitor changes to the environment multiply, the amount of information being fed to facilities managers is overwhelming. A digital twin not only compiles all of those data inputs but also correlates them to ensure that the factory as a whole is maintaining its quality. We’re excited to work with ZT Systems to build out the factory digital twin.”

Gafcon Digital is a software-agnostic systems integrator for building owners. The company said it works exclusively with “change agents looking to transform their real estate portfolios through digital transformation.” Its expertise in design, construction, and digital twin technology, combined with hands-on project management and construction management experience, is said to enable Gafcon Digital to integrate the many disciplinary components required to deliver the benefits of digitalization from planning through construction and operation.

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