AtomTech will help operators in the automotive industry implement joining technologies

November 10, 2022

CLARKSTON, Mich.—AtomTech is expanding its controls and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) integration services with the addition of joining technologies engineering, the company said in a release.

AtomTech will help customers in the automotive industry implement joining technologies, enabling them to assemble products by connecting and uniting component parts across a wide range of manufacturing processes. The company said it is “led by a team of engineers with the experience and knowledge to write custom procedure specifications that comply with current codes and standards.”

Equipping companies with this capability comes at a critical time, according to AtomTech. As automotive manufacturing has evolved from sheet metal to aluminum and composite materials, so have the processes and technologies that are used to join these dissimilar materials in a high- speed, automated manufacturing environment. AtomTech said its engineers can provide proper guidance on implementing the joining process to meet individual needs of the field.

“At AtomTech, we pride ourselves on presenting customers with services that are relevant, cutting edge, and tailored,” said AtomTech President Shawn Gutierrez, in the release. “With our expertise not just in the auto industry, but in technological integration and engineering, adding joining technologies to our list of resources allows us to take the next step in serving the manufacturing sector as it looks for the best ways to handle legacy and new systems.”

AtomTech was named one of Applied Technology Review’s “Top SCADA Services Companies” of 2022. The company said its services include controls hardware and software designs for battery manufacturing, general assembly, body in white (BIW), material handling, order fulfillment, custom middleware, and other applications using both legacy and new technologies.

“We have implemented systems integrating multiple robotic platforms, data tracking, machine diagnostics, motion control, pneumatics and plant networking, and other specialty communications services to the world’s leading companies,” the company said in the release.

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