The acquisition is said to further ARCH’s strategy of geographically co-locating with its medical device customer base

November 17, 2022

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich.—ARCH Medical Solutions Corp. has acquired Alpha Manufacturing & Design of Warsaw, Indiana, ARCH said in a release. The acquisition is reported to add to the depth and breadth of ARCH’s precision-manufacturing capabilities for medical OEMs.

Alpha Manufacturing & Design is an ISO 13485-certified contract manufacturer that specializes in highly engineered and complex surgical devices for spine, trauma, large joint, and dental applications. Owned and operated by Ben and Jennifer Garden since 2008, Alpha manufactures surgical instruments and assemblies; surgical drill bits and reamers; surgical blades; spinal, trauma, and dental implants; and more.

ARCH Medical Solutions, a Jordan Company platform company based in metro Detroit, precision manufactures high-quality medical components, parts, instruments, devices, and implants for a range of medical applications. The company operates multiple domestic FDA-registered facilities that serve the orthopedics, surgical robotics, dental, and life sciences markets.

ARCH Medical Solutions Divisional President Paul Barck said he welcomes the wealth of experience and established capabilities in complex medical device manufacturing that Alpha brings.

“We are excited with this opportunity to have Alpha join forces with ARCH,” Barck said in a statement. “Ben, Jennifer, and the entire Alpha team have established themselves as a supplier sought after by leading OEM customers for deep technical expertise, high standards for quality, and being a reliable, and committed manufacturing partner. Being located in Warsaw, Indiana, Alpha brings access to a well-established orthopedics manufacturing infrastructure while furthering ARCH’s strategy of geographically co-locating with our medical device customer base.”

John Ruggieri, Senior Vice President of Business Development at ARCH Medical Solutions, is excited about future possibilities with the addition of Alpha.

“The diverse capabilities and innovation Alpha brings us enable us to deliver on our promise to provide forward-thinking support to our customers,” Ruggieri said in a statement. “We are now even better equipped to answer the call from our customers in the orthopedic, dental, spine, and medical device sectors. We are confident that having Alpha as part of ARCH will enable us to drive accelerating growth with both new and existing customers within the orthopedic market.”

Alpha co-owner Ben Garden said the acquisition is a “monumental step” in the company’s evolution. Garden will continue to serve as president at the facility now known as ARCH Medical Solutions–Warsaw.

“We now are part of a much larger organization with access to capital and resources that will prove invaluable in our mission to meet our customers’ unique, ever-changing needs,” Garden said in the release. “This was the move to make as the medical industry continues to change and grow at an increasingly accelerated pace.”

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