Sur-Seal’s new brand unifies its focus while enabling it to offer custom rubber and silicone molded and extruded parts, in addition to a variety of die-cut options. (Sur-Seal/PRNewswire photo)

The company recently launched a new, unified brand that brings three companies together

November 29, 2022

CINCINNATI—Since 1965, Sur-Seal® has provided custom sealing parts to industry leading OEMs across a variety of markets.

In recent years, Sur-Seal has invested in growing its operations and capabilities through strategic acquisitions, completing partnerships with Spectex, a provider of die-cut felts and gaskets, and Mueller, a provider of comprehensive die-cut components and services. Together, these businesses provide custom engineering, converting, and manufacturing of flexible materials.

Now they will all go to market under one unified brand name, Sur-Seal, the company said in a release.

“We now have three great companies coming together as one to reflect one family, one team, and one brand,” said Sur-Seal Chief Operating Officer Pete Futia, in a statement. In addition to offering a variety of die-cut options, Sur-Seal said it can now offer customers custom rubber and silicone molded and extruded parts.

The company does business in 25 countries, with more 200 original equipment manufacturing (OEM) customers, including 15 Fortune 500 partners. Sur-Seal is ISO-9001 and AS9100 certified and offers numerous MilSpec and ASTM-certified raw materials, the company said.

Sur-Seal’s customers are expected to benefit from the expansion of supply chain services that will include storage, kitting, and parts assembly.

“We are thrilled about the unified brand, showcasing our new logo and new website,” said Sur-Seal Chief Executive Officer Dana Waterman, in a statement. “The rebranding work provides clarity to our mission and expertise with advanced engineering solutions, which create distinct manufacturing advantages for our customers.”

The organization said it will continue to provide customized gaskets and other sealing, thermal insulation components using the most advanced and cost-effective manufacturing techniques available.

“Bringing three companies together as one provides a better customer experience with a full suite of engineering solutions for all our customers’ sealing needs,” Futia added. “The new site emphasizes our value proposition with expertise in markets such as healthcare, aerospace, alternative energy, electrical, climate control, and broader industrial applications.”

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