The new name is said to reflect the company’s emphasis on advanced precision and performance

January 9, 2023

MANSFIELD, Ohio—The company formerly known as Therm-O-Disc, a global manufacturer of highly engineered sensing, control, and sealing components, reported that it has officially changed its name to Sensience.

The company, acquired by an affiliate of One Rock Capital Partners, LLC, in June 2022, said in a release that it was renamed in recognition of its new status as an independent entity. The new name is said to reflect the company’s legacy of delivering reliable sensor science while representing its dedication to future growth and success.

Sensience said its products put engineered systems in touch with their surroundings, enabling new levels of awareness, understanding, and response. The company’s products include Microtemp® thermal fuses; Therm-O-Disc sensors and bi-metal controls; and Fusite hermetic glass-to-metal feedthroughs. They also include Thunderline-Z RF and DC feedthroughs, as well as Pactrol electronic control systems.

The company said customers can remain confident that they will continue to receive “the same products and support for which the company is known, backed by the same experienced team.”

“We are confident our new name will help us blaze a bold future forward without losing sight of the elements of service and quality that have helped us attain so many loyal customers,” said Sensience CEO Julie Furber, in the release. “Our continued mission is to enable a cleaner, safer, and more connected world through industry-leading technologies that improve the way we all live, work, and play.”

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