The custom rubber molder’s purchase of Parlin Precision Products turns the company into a single source for metal-to-rubber bonded parts

January 10, 2023

TRENTON, N.J.—Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company, an ISO 9001:2015 certified, custom precision rubber molder with a specialty in durable and precise rubber-to-metal connections, recently expanded its manufacturing processes with its purchase of Parlin Precision Products, a machining company that grinds, turns, and machines parts used in electrical components, medical devices, and other OEM applications.

Parlin Precision Products is located in Parlin, New Jersey, about 40 minutes from Pierce Roberts’ facility in Trenton. Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company President Chris Weber said the purchase is important because it turns Pierce-Roberts Rubber Co. into a single source for metal parts that need to be bonded to rubber. The one-stop shop can shape the metal, formulate the rubber, and bond them without waiting for anything from a supplier.

“This allows us to be an ITAR registered firm in a different realm of manufacturing,” said Weber, adding that Parlin will become ISO certified. The two firms produce parts for aerospace, material handling, mining, military, R&D for OEMs, medical devices, electronics, shielding, sonar shielding, and robotics, among other applications. “We are now the one source for rubber and metal parts that need to be bonded.”

Parlin Precision Products, in its 25th year of operation, is an advanced precision machine shop that offers machining of steel, tool steel, stainless steel, nylon, plastics, phenolic, and polycarbonate. In addition to CNC milling and turning, it offers engineering and design assistance on work from prototype to production.

Pierce-Roberts Rubber Company is a custom molder, a custom mixer, and a custom formulator of rubber. The company said these capabilities give it an edge when working with customers who have an idea, but are uncertain of exactly which type of rubber material to select for the part they want. Pierce-Roberts has helped customers make those decisions since 1911.

Among numerous parts that it produces, Pierce-Roberts Rubber manufactures rubber grommets from butyl or Buna-N (nitrile rubber). It also manufactures silicone rubber wire insulation that is resistant to damage in high-stress environments. The company offers rapid prototyping, compression molding, transfer molding, and injection molding. With the addition of CNC machining, it can make the mold and deliver the part after mixing and formulating the rubber, the company said.

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