The online e-commerce platform offers ‘a doorway between U.S. manufacturers and the world,’ according to its developers

February 3, 2023

ORLANDO, Fla.—The need for secure and dependable manufacturing supply chains is heightening demand for domestically produced products. Numerous manufacturers are answering the call with commitments to produce products in the United States. Many are also committing to serve U.S. consumers through a new online marketplace dedicated solely to products made in the United States. is an enterprise level e-commerce marketplace designed to highlight and promote vendors who are committed to making products made in the United States. It offers U.S. manufacturers a platform to promote their products through an easy-to-use vendor portal that allows them to upload product images, pricing, and descriptions for free.

The site offers a “doorway between U.S. manufacturers and the world,” and is currently accepting applications from vendors. It will soon be offering products directly to consumers, according to a release from

Vendors can list products for free, but must certify that the products they display on the site are produced in compliance with the FTC Made in USA claim. Strict adherence is required for all vendors, according to

Participating manufacturers may list their products as either “Made in USA,” “Made in USA with Domestic and Global Components,” or “Assembled in the USA.” Customers can also search for vendors by a business certification category, such as small business, GSA holder, or  minority- , women- , or veteran-owned.

While there is no cost to join, offers a drop-ship model, and collects and pays all sales tax and shipping costs. This saves manufacturers time and money, and ensures consumers will have rapid delivery rates. Manufacturers only need to do what they do best—build and ship products, said. said it welcomes inquiries from investors who share the vision of creating a vibrant marketplace to improve the U.S. economy. Manufacturers and vendors are invited to join the movement by visiting to apply.

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