Industrial Defender’s latest platform provides deeper information about critical assets, the company says

February 13, 2023

FOXBOROUGH, Mass.—The latest version of a cybersecurity platform from Industrial Defender offers new capabilities to enhance the protection of industrial control systems against cyber threats and their compliance with industry standards, Industrial Defender said in a release.

The Industrial Defender 7.5 platform delivers comprehensive data for securing industrial systems. It provides deeper-level information about critical assets, enabling OT asset management, change and configuration management, vulnerability management, and policy compliance, the company said.

To enhance vulnerability management, the platform provides updates that allow users to track progress of CVE mitigation efforts and integrate this into the compliance workflow. It also provides real-time detection and baselining of new network connections. Network service agent options are available for discovering, in real-time, new listening ports that would otherwise go undetected through passive approaches. This enables comprehensive, detailed alerting and baselining of host entry points, the company said.

Another feature of the latest version is the ability to collect data from hard-to-reach assets. A new Windows portable data collector easily collects configuration data from hard-to-reach assets, including those with no network connectivity. It takes a system snapshot of any Windows host, without the need for an existing collector, allowing easy access to asset information from the centralized Industrial Defender management console, according to the release.

The platform also offers a new local user interface option, available at the local operational level for visibility into events on locally networked assets. Current customers will also notice usability enhancements for ease of use, including bulk asset creation and configuration search screens, the company said.

“We are excited to launch the Industrial Defender 7.5 platform, which represents our continued dedication to providing our customers with the most comprehensive and accurate OT asset management solution,” said Jay Williams, CEO of Industrial Defender, in a statement. “With this new version, we aim to support our customers in achieving their security and compliance goals, deepening their understanding of their OT environments with a single source of all operational asset information.

“Continued enhancements in this latest release serve to protect our customers’ reputations and competitive edge as the cyber-physical landscape continues to evolve,” he concluded.

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