An inside view of the SINTX Armor facility in Salt Lake City. (Photo: SINTX Technologies)

SINTX Technologies’ upgraded facility will manufacture products for personnel, aircraft, and vehicles

February 14, 2023

SALT LAKE CITY—Advanced ceramics company SINTX Technologies, Inc. ( reported that it recently completed key renovations, installation of equipment, and upgrades to its SINTX Armor facility in Salt Lake City.

The company said the milestone is the result of an intensive effort by the SINTX team to upgrade the facility’s infrastructure and install armor manufacturing equipment that it acquired from Ohio-based B4C LLC.

SINTX Armor is a 10,000 square-foot facility that can manufacture high-performance ceramic armor plates for personnel, aircraft, and vehicles. Its products include 100 percent boron carbide (BoroShockTM), a high-strength material designed to protect special forces against high-velocity projectiles. Another product, DuraShockTM, is a composite of boron carbide and silicon carbide that is designed to protect law enforcement personnel, the company said.

SINTX’s BoroShock™ and DuraShock™ are advanced material technologies that combine light weight with resistance to projectiles. These features are desired in modern armor systems that must balance high levels of protection against user comfort and mobility, the company said.

Ceramic armor products are in demand by defense and law enforcement departments worldwide. Boosting that demand is the fact that such products have a finite shelf life, and newer technologies offer advantages over previous versions, according to the release.

“SINTX Armor reiterates our commitment toward meeting the global demand for protective ceramic armor,” said Dr. Sonny Bal, CEO of SINTX, in a statement. “Our expertise in advanced ceramics has positioned us as a leader and innovator in the protective armor industry well into the future.”

After the purchase of B4C LLC and a technology collaboration with Precision Ceramics USA in 2021, SINTX Armor was established as a subsidiary of SINTX Technologies. Since then, SINTX Armor is reported to have encountered strong interest and received requests from numerous customers to evaluate its products. SINTX Armor expects a robust order book in the first half of 2023 and looks forward to participating in the global ceramic armor market, which is projected to reach USD $3.5 billion 2027, the company said.

SINTX Technologies, an advanced ceramics company with manufacturing facilities in Utah and Maryland, develops and commercializes materials, components, and technologies for medical and technical applications. The company engages in research, development, and manufacturing of silicon nitride, and its products have been implanted in humans since 2008. Over the past two years, SINTX has entered new markets via strategic acquisitions and alliances, the company said.

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