The design approval phase of a Parts Manufacturer Approval certifies that a replacement component complies with airworthiness standards of eligible products

February 21, 2023

SOUTHBOROUGH, Mass.—Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) recently applied for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Design Approval via a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) for its Spring-Fast® Wire Protection Grommets, the company said in a release.

As D2P went to press, DTi said it was expecting approval shortly. Once approval is granted, aerospace engineers and techs can use the Spring-Fast M22529 grommet technology to replace legacy MS21266 glued nylon grommets.

Device Technologies, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of specialty wire protection, cable management, and sealing products. The company said that in concert with the Boston Aircraft Certification Office (ACO), it has identified the make and model of a wide range of Type Certified (TC) aircraft where Spring-Fast M22529 wire protection grommet edging has been proposed as a suitable replacement and preferred alternate for the MS21266 series nylon grommets.

The design approval phase of a PMA certifies that a replacement component, such as Spring-Fast, complies with the airworthiness standards of eligible products. Device Technologies was required to show this compliance through submitted tests and computations.

The submission cites the technical data needed to support the application and its approval. This PMA will apply to the variants of Spring-Fast M22529/1 and M22529/2 that are currently on the market, according to DTi. The certification “will allow DTi to make greater inroads into the aftermarket, and then it is expected to work its way into new designs,” according to the release.

“Everyone in aerospace knows that installing glued-in nylon grommets for wire protection is a long, slow, and messy process,” said DTi President Nick Petri, in a statement. “This PMA Certification means they can switch to Spring-Fast, which is an easier, faster, more efficient installation with no need for adhesive.”

For end users, Spring-Fast is reported to provide best-in-class EWIS protection, a significant reduction in the FO/FOD footprint of MS21266, plus increased worker safety, given the complete elimination of glues, solvents, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This leads to significant savings over MS21266, the company said.

Device Technologies, Inc., founded in 1994, designs, manufactures, and sells specialty components that include grommet edgings, enclosure seals, trims, wire protection sleeving, and high-performance magnet wire with a complete or selective polymer coating. The company’s products are used by OEMs across a wide spectrum of industries, including aerospace, avionics, MRO applications, automotive, and tactical military equipment.

Applications are also reported to include wind turbines, telecom, power systems, IT servers, HVAC equipment, medical, gaming, and food service manufacturing.

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