The companies are working to make industrial and automotive applications safer and more secure

February 21, 2023

HILLSBORO, Ore.—Lattice Semiconductor is collaborating with Green Hills Software to offer comprehensive safety and security for embedded industrial and automotive applications, Lattice said in a release.

The collaboration combines Lattice Nexus™-based field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), containing embedded RISC-V® processors, with Green Hills’ µ-velOSity™ and MULTI® software. It will enable customers to build reliable, secure, and safe edge computing designs with what Lattice described as “industry-leading power efficiency, performance, and minimal code size.”

“Edge computing creates tremendous opportunities to enable new experiences and efficiencies in industrial and automotive applications, while also introducing new challenges around how to ensure safe, dependable operation,” said Mark Hoopes, director of industrial and automotive segment marketing at Lattice, in the release. “We are excited to collaborate with Green Hills to enable rapid deployment of products powered by our industry-leading low power, highly reliable, and small footprint FPGAs with integrated RISC-V processors. Together, our solutions will empower manufacturers to develop exciting new mission-critical products optimized for energy-efficient, safe, secure, and autonomous operation.”

“As a global leader in embedded software with the broadest portfolio of ASIL D and SIL 3-certified software solutions for 32-bit MCU to 64-bit MPUs, Green Hills is excited to support Lattice’s remarkable range of RISC-V CPU-enabled FPGA solutions,” said Dan Mender, vice president, business development, Green Hills Software. “In support of the Nexus FPGA family, Green Hills brings its unique ability to deliver production-proven FuSa-certified tools, C/C++ compilers and RTOSes, along with decades of safety program expertise.”

Green Hills’ µ-velOSity is described as a tiny, fast, easy-to-program, and memory-efficient real-time operating system (RTOS) for multicore designs with ASIL requirements. It needs only a few kilobytes of ROM and boots quickly in a minimum of processor cycles. Its “ultra-fast” context switch time and kernel service calls make it suitable for real-time automotive and industrial functions, according to the release. In addition, its clear and concise API is said to reduce development time and improves product maintainability, cutting costs and reducing time-to-market.

“For developers moving from standalone or no-OS configurations, µ-velOSity provides the perfect migration path,” the company said in the release.

Developers using Lattice Nexus-based FPGAs with RISC-V processors can see a significant increase in productivity by relying on the Green Hills MULTI advanced integrated development tools that include Green Hills optimizing C/C++ compilers, certified to ASIL D and SIL 3, the company said.

According to the release, MULTI also features advanced multicore, multi-OS debugging and visualization features that empower developers to find and fix bugs faster, use less processor memory, and reduce costly software recalls.

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